Corporate and day wear dry cleaning service

We individually cater for all your professional/work garment care needs. Our highly trained and experienced staff thoroughly inspect each garment, treat stains first using water-soluble products before dry cleaning. Our dry cleaning practices use a range of processes that are specific to the type of garment and will give the best results. These range from standard and traditional dry-cleaning processes, to phosphate free, and sulphate free. These are ideal for sensitive skin, gives superior cleaning results, whitens, and brightens fabrics and above all is a more suitable and sustainable choice for you and the environment.
We can offer corporate rates for multiple employees working in the same workplace.

Workwear & chefs outfits dry cleaning service

Work wear and chef’s uniforms are often greasy and soiled. At Ripponlea Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services we have dedicated staff who have been trained in stain and grease removal. After careful inspection each item is appropriately treated prior to cleaning.

School wear dry cleaning service

It is important to teach young people about the importance of having clean clothes. At Ripponlea Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services we take this matter seriously. We offer professionally cleaned discounted dry cleaning services for any item of school uniform to encourage good habits and assist families.

Legal garments dry cleaning service

Legal garments require delicate specialised cleaning and pressing. Our highly trained staff take great pride individually attending to cleaning, pressing and presenting your specialised garment. Please call our friendly staff for a quote on a garment in this category.

Looking for our corporate, work, & school wear dry cleaning costs?